4 Home Investor Myths Debunked

Do you feel like home investors can’t be trusted or that their claims are too good to be true? If you do, then keep reading. We’re about to debunk 4 myths about home investors. Ready to set the record straight? We are!

Myth 1: Home Investors are Unethical

Many people feel that professional home investors are just out to take advantage of you. The truth is that many home investors are business people. Of course they want to make a profit but they also want to maintain their reputation by treating clients ethically.

Myth 2: Home Investors are For Those in Desperate Situations

Unfortunate situations like foreclosure are a great reason to choose a home investor but it doesn’t mean it’s the only reason. They can also be extremely helpful when selling a home long distance or when you need to relocate quickly for a job offer. Every selling situation is distinct and no matter what it is, a home investor can likely help.

Myth 3: Home Investors Make Claims that are too Good to be True

You’ve probably seen billboards that say, “Fast cash!” or “We buy homes as-is!” In a world of skepticism, it’s easy to see how people can assume there’s a catch. However, credible home investors really do buy homes in as-is condition. You tell them about your home, they give you a no-obligation offer and if you like it, you can close in as little as 10 days. It sounds too good to be true, but that’s how they operate.

Myth 4: Home Investors Only Give Low Offers

You may assume that a home investor will offer you a terribly low offer. Instead, an investor factors in the repairs needed on your home. So it’s up to you. Spend money on repairs and then sell for a high offer or sell your home as-is and sell for a lower dollar figure. Either way, it generally shakes out to be the same profit. Only with an investor, you get your money a whole lot faster.

If you’re considering the best way to sell your home, you don’t want to limit your options. Don’t let common misconceptions keep you from getting a great offer on your home. Instead, partner with the right investor and you might be surprised at how fast and easy it will be to get cash for your house.

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