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Advantages of Selling to a Cash Home Buyer in Boise, Idaho

Advantages of Selling to a Cash Home Buyer in Boise, Idaho

If you’re a seller in today’s real estate market, rejoice. Home prices all across the country are way up and to that end, you can expect to get a great return on your housing investment!

That is of course if you can find a buyer.

Therein lies the hardest part of selling your home. No matter how high projections get on the housing market, locating a buyer who is willing to give you a fair offer on your home can take months or even years after you list your house on the market.

That’s why many sellers, particularly those in Boise Idaho, are ditching the traditional home selling routine and are instead getting cash for their homes immediately by engaging a cash home buyer.

There are a lot of advantages to doing business with a cash home buyer. Below, our team shares a few of our favorites!

1. The Offer You Get is Yours to Keep

There are a lot of expenses that occur during the home selling process that ultimately work to dilute the offer you receive from potential buyers. One of the biggest ones is the fee you’ll need to pay to the real estate agent you work with.

When you sell to a cash home buyer though, you don’t need the help of an agent. You can engage a cash for home buyer directly and the offer they make on your house is 100% yours to keep.

Given that agent fees hover around 6%, that can mean a massive amount of money saved!

2. You’ll Get Paid Fast

If you live in the Boise, Idaho area and you’re looking to get paid for your house fast, there’s no better way to achieve that end than by going through a cash buyer!

Through the traditional home sales process, you’ll need to wait until a buyer is located which can take months and maybe even years. After you do find a buyer, assuming everything looks good with your deal, you’ll need to wait for escrow to end and then for the escrow holder to write you a check.

When you sell your house for cash, you can say goodbye to waiting and hello to getting paid.

Cash buyers pay you directly from their funds which mean no banks and no hold-ups.

3. You Don’t Have to Market Your Listing

One of the biggest hidden expenses involved when selling a home is the marketing you’ll have to do.

If you have an agent, marketing will typically come out of their fee. Sometimes though, even with an agent’s help, you’ll be on the hook for paying at least a portion of your home’s marketing costs.

To avoid strategizing a marketing plan and needing to foot the bill for it, opting for a cash buyer is the way to go. Getting a cash buyer to purchase your home is as simple as contacting them and asking for an offer.

No marketing required!

4. No Need to Make Improvements

One of the biggest barriers sellers face when trying to get out of their homes is the prospect of fixing their place up. Let’s face it, a lot can go wrong in a home during the time you live in it.

Dead outlets. A faulty HVAC system… The list goes on.

Issues with your home can seriously hinder the number of buyers you can find and may even prohibit bank offers altogether.

If you’re more interested in parting ways with your home than fixing it up, selling your house for cash is an excellent solution. Cash for home buyers will gladly make an offer on your house as-is!

5. Sales Rarely Fall Through

Most buyers you sell to will have a bank backing them. Those banks are very particular about the kinds of properties they let their clients buy.

If anything during your home selling process seems even remotely off, a bank may block their clients from purchasing your home.

That reality means that it’s a real possibility you’ll waste weeks of your time courting a buyer just to have them pull out of the deal.

Cash for home sales is completely between you and the cash buyer. Whatever it is the two of you decide on, that’s the deal that goes through. So long as everything is adequately disclosed, nothing will block your home’s sale!

6. You Can Move Onto the Next Chapter In Your Life

What people love most about selling their homes to a cash home buyer is that the speed and fairness of the process allows them to move onto the next chapter in their lives fast.

There’s nothing worse than being tied down to a property you don’t want.

Maybe you need to move to work. Maybe you inherited a property you can’t manage. Maybe it’s just time for a change for you and your family.

Whatever your reason is for selling, cash home buyers make your moving forward simple.

Wrapping Up Advantages of Selling Your House to a Cash Home Buyer in Boise, Idaho

As you can see from our list above, there is no shortage of advantages to ditching the traditional home selling process to instead do business with a cash home buyer.

If you live in the Boise, Idaho area and are looking for a qualified cash home buyer to make an offer on your house, look no further than our team at Treasure Valley Property Solutions.

We’ve been offering homeowners fair deals on their homes for years no matter their home’s condition, age or price range.

Let us do the same for you.

Get your free home buying offer by filling out our form today!

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