4 Home Investor Myths Debunked

Do you feel like home investors can’t be trusted or that their claims are too good to be true? If you do, then keep reading. We’re about to debunk 4 myths about home investors. Ready to set the record straight? We are! Myth 1: Home Investors are Unethical Many people feel that professional home investors … Continued

5 Home Selling Costs That Can Surprise You

Selling your home for the first time is stressful and a little scary. We’d like to ease the stress a little by giving you a heads up about some hidden costs that might surprise you. Read on to find out which expenses you may have missed and how you can avoid them all. Important Repairs … Continued

How to Get Rid of Your Unwanted House

It’s been on the market and just won’t sell. It needs costly repairs and you don’t have the time or money to invest. It was passed down to you and it’s become a burden. It was an investment and it’s not making a profit. There are so many reasons you may find yourself in possession … Continued

Selling A Home During A Divorce

There’s no compass at the end of a marriage. Going through a divorce means divvying up a lot of shared things.  Who will keep the furniture? Who gets the car? Where will the dog live? And the biggest question of all: Who gets to keep the house?   Typically, a couple’s most significant asset is … Continued

4 Things You Need to Expect When Selling With an Agent

Are you working with a local Boise agent to sell your house? Or maybe you’re thinking about it? If so, we’ve collected the top 4 things you need to expect when selling with an agent — to help you navigate this process easily! There are many ways to sell your house and many people choose … Continued