Creative Curb Appeal Ideas for Boise Home Sellers

It’s a great time to let go of that  idea “it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” (And not just because the holidays are over and the presents have been unwrapped!)

If you’re thinking about sell your home in 2018, you need to pay attention to the bigger picture. Home sellers have a tendency to obsess about the interior of the their homes and neglect the outside of the property. Maybe you’re proud of the work you’ve done to remodel the kitchen or update the bathrooms. What a shame if no one’s interested in seeing it because your home is the ugliest on the block.

Here’s how to capture attention from down the street, to the curb, and all the way up to the front door of your Boise home for sale.

Getting Green

Attractive gardens and thoughtful landscaping will add value to your property! No matter who your target home buyer is, these are the first greens they’ll be considering as they pull up to your driveway so give your front (and back) yard some love! This will up your chances of getting them to consider other greens,  like making a generous offer.

Assess the situation and make a plan based on season, budget and time frame. For long-neglected garden plots, start with clearing weeds and removing old growth first. Lay down fresh soil and mulch around existing growth. If the climate allows for it, add colorful flowers in orderly rows. Treat anything made of brick and stone to a good wash and ensure that dislodged pieces are removed or reset in place. Fountains and other decorative features should be functioning. Otherwise, fix them or remove them.

If you were born without a green thumb or you don’t know what a spade is, don’t worry. There are a lot of ready-made solutions at the local hardware store. Look for container garden kits that come with pre-planted annuals in various-sized pots. If your lawn consists of more dirt patches than grass, you can lay down sod instead of seeding.

Especially if you have young children or pets, make sure your outdoor area is clear of dog poop or toys. Nobody wants to hit their head on low hanging branches or trip on exposed roots. Taking care of these things doesn’t just  increase curb appeal, it ensures the safety of visitors.

Instead of “transforming  your outdoor space” focus on the little things. Getting ambitious about planning a desert-scape garden in a cul-de-sac full of coniferous trees and shrubs will make your home stand out but probably not for the right reasons. Instead of creating contrast, work with the natural resources as you make updates and improvements to your yard.

Painting and Patching

Painting the entire exterior of a your Boise home might sound like a great idea but it’s also a great big task. Instead, match a sample at your local paint store and do a thorough spot job. If you can’t help but make a project out of something, spend time on the front door. Avoid bold, statement colors and make sure your color choice is complementary and appropriate to the rest of the house as well as the neighborhood.

Treat fences, gates or arbors to a touch up coat or fresh stain. Damaged wood is unappealing and may signal  rot. If it’s too far gone, it’s definitely worth replacing.  Idaho winters can be hard on the roof, gutters and chimney. Not only are these fundamental structural issues that contribute to the value of your home, they’re also features that won’t go unnoticed by potential buyers.

Always consider your curb appeal projects at night. Are address numbers visible in the dark? Swap them out for something that pops.  Are walkways well lit? Are there large areas of the property shrouded in creepy shadows? Solar lights are cheap, easy to install and there are various designs are available for any budget.

Schedule your paint projects with the weather in mind. You don’t want your efforts to be in vain due to misjudgments about rain or hot sun.

Inviting Experience

When you welcome people to your home, you don’t think twice about sweeping the floors and vacuuming the carpets. Apply that instinct to your outdoor space. Pressure wash the driveway, pathways, and the front porch. Give exterior windows a wash. That includes windows requiring a ladder to reach!

Outdoor furniture should be as inviting as your living room couch. This can be tricky in the dead of winter. If you must keep the lounge chairs or BBQ covered, avoid garbage bags and tarps. Weatherproof furniture covering is worth the spend if you’re trying to maximize curb appeal.

Curb appeal creates a sense of “I want to see what’s inside.”  If you’re unsure about your efforts, ask a friend to drive up to the house and assess the experience. What is the first thing they think and feel about the home? What have you overlooked?

For traditional home sales, most home buyers are starting their search online. That means showcasing the exterior of your home with appealing, high-quality photos. Once you’ve upped the curb appeal of your home for sale, capturing its best outdoor assets from all angles should be easy.

The selling process is challenging. Good curb appeal creates great first impressions and may add value to your home. But it doesn’t guarantee a fast and profitable turnaround.

Whether you’re only thinking about selling your Boise house, or, having a tough time with the process, give us a call! Treasure Valley Home Solutions can help you get a cash offer for your Idaho home fast. Learn more about how we help homeowners like you!

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