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How to Sell Your Boise House Fast: Top 10 Tips

How to Sell Your House Fast: Top 10 Tips

So you’re ready to pick up your things and move on to a new home, and new neighborhood. There’s just one little thing looming over this plan. You have to sell your current home first.

Houses don’t sell overnight, however, it can take some time. Here are ten tips on how to sell your house fast to move the process along.

1. First Impressions Are the Only Ones That Matter

The interior of your home could look amazing and still not sell. This is because most people make their decision before they even walk through the door. It’s important to make people feel good about the house as soon as they approach it.

To do this grab some inexpensive shrubs or bright flowers to place outside of the house. If you are worried about money, you can typically get a 100 percent return on curb appeal.

You also want to spend a little time on the entryway. Make it welcoming with a small bench or add a vase of flowers. You can even put out snacks for your potential buyers.

2. Always Have it Ready to Show Off

You never know when a potential buyer is going to swing by so it’s important that it’s always ready to show. This means you need to keep it clean, and not just your typical spring cleaning.

Go through your cabinets, shelves, counters, table tops, and make sure to declutter. Take a step back and look at how your furniture is arranged.

If it looks like it’s going to be hard for people to navigate through to check out the house, then you should probably move stuff around.

3. Depersonalize your Home

You might love your bright colored walls, but that doesn’t mean a potential buyer will share your sentiment. Before you put your house on the market paint your walls all a neutral color. Taking the you out of it is one of the key ways to sell your house fast.

The more personalized your home, the less the buyer will be able to see themselves occupying it. Get rid of any memorabilia like family photos and place them in storage.

4. Take Extra Time on the Kitchen

Make updates to your kitchen if you’re going to do it anywhere. The kitchen is a huge selling point so you can’t afford to not upgrade it before putting it on the market.

If you have a little extra money to throw around, buy a new appliance or two as well. If there are a few expensive ones in there, the buyer might assume the rest of them are as well. It could up increasing the property value.

5. Don’t do Too Much Upgrading

Do make upgrades on the house but don’t go too crazy. Chances are you won’t get your money back for really big upgrades.

Focus on pouring your funds into the bathroom and Kitchen area. This is where you’ll see the biggest return investment.

You’d be surprised at how much difference a new shower curtain, light fixtures, sinks, and a few new appliances will make. These are all fairly cheap upgrades you can make.

6. Research Agents

One of the biggest sale killers is hiring the wrong broker. Make sure you chose someone who is completely informed.

They need to be checking the multiple listing services, know what properties are going on the market, and know the comps in your neighborhood. Your agent needs to be tech savvy and have all the tools necessary to sell your home.

Research their sales records, They need to be able to walk into your home and know exactly what your buyers are going to be looking for. They even need to know all the pros and cons of living in your neighborhood.

7. Keep Closets Half-Empty

Large storage space is one thing that every buyer is going to be looking at. Take out over half the things in your closets and cabinets and organize what you have left.

If you don’t have anywhere to put them, then consider renting out a storage area especially for these and other things you won’t need before you move.

Letting your buyers see just how spacious the home is one of the best ways to sell your house fast.

8. Lighten Things Up

A house with poor lighting feels really depressing and dull. Get the highest wattage bulbs that you can for your lamps and light fixtures, and open all the curtains and blinds.

You can also use paint to make the room brighter. Use a lighter grey color to not only bring light in but also make your rooms look larger.

Cleaning all the baseboards, light fixtures, and windows can also take the dark and depressing out of the house.

9. Hire a Professional to Take Photos

The buyer’s first impression of the home is going to be the photos that they see online. Houses that have six pictures or more listed are twice as likely to be looked at.

You can have a professional stager come in before photos are taken to set up your home. They know what the buyer is looking for and how to highlight all of the house’s strengths.

10. Timing Is Everything

Spring and summer are known as the best months to sell your home. If you can wait until then to list, you should.

Take note that most buyers during these months are a little pickier than most, you have to make sure the home is in the absolute best shape.

You also have to offer the right price. Do your own research but also listen to your agent. They will typically know the best range.

Follow these Tips on How to Sell Your House Fast

When you get a new job or need to move right then, you have to sell your home in a hurry. Follow these tips on how to sell your home fast, and you’re sure to be rid of it within your expected time frame.

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