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How to Stage a Home for Sale and Get It Sold Fast

When looking at how to stage a home for sale there are many tips you can implement to help it sell faster.

In a hurry to sell your house?

Well, the good news is that it’s totally possible. The average home stays on the market for 68 days before it eventually sells. But with the right insight and support, you can set about selling your house far sooner.

Knowing how to stage a home for sale will be an immense help in this regard.

Think of it like getting dressed up for a date. You make your home look its absolute best in a bid to impress prospective buyers. A few special touches can be the difference between an instant sale and months on the market!

But first, you have to learn how to do it properly.

Keep reading to learn 7 top staging tips to help you sell your home faster.

1. Clean It

Imagine going to buy a car.

Would you rather purchase a dirty, dust-covered vehicle or one that’s sparkling clean?

Most people choose the clean car every time.

Why? Because most of us make judgment calls based on looks alone. A dirty vehicle might be the better ride, but its appearance devalues it in the eyes of a buyer.

The same goes for your house.

It takes only 7 seconds for someone to form a lasting first impression of something. Imagine looking around a dirty, smelly, and grime-filled home. You’d probably come away with a negative impression, and feel far less inclined to make an offer.

It’s of utmost importance to conduct a thorough spring clean when staging your home for sale.

2. Remove the Clutter

Cleaning the property should go hand in hand with decluttering it.

Open and spacious houses sell far quicker than a cluttered one.

Not only is clutter stressful in nature, but it obscures the potential of a house too. All of those furnishings and decorative items in the home serve as a distraction to anyone viewing it. The space will feel smaller, more compact, and ultimately less appealing.

Now’s the time to get rid of any unwanted and unnecessary possessions.

If you can’t bear parting ways with your things, you could put them in storage instead. Do so, and you’ll highlight the floor space on offer and experience greater interest from buyers.

3. Get the Front Garden Under Control

It’s hard to overstate the importance of first impressions to selling a home.

They can literally make or break someone’s interest in it. Buying a house is a big deal; people want to feel 100% sure of the investment they’re committing to.

First impressions are taken seriously.

A bad one lingers in the air and impacts the rest of the viewing. Get off to a bad start and everything thereafter is seen in a jaded light.

As the first thing somebody sees in the lead up to a viewing, your front yard is all-important. Ensure that the lawns are mowed, the bushes trimmed, and the flower beds looking pristine. You could even install a new mailbox and give the front door a fresh coat of paint.

4. Do Simple Maintenance Tasks

Now’s the time to fix up all those pesky household problems that might have arisen.

Almost every home shows signs of wear and tear over time. Carpets get worn down, wallpaper starts to peel, lightbulbs need replacing, and scuff marks appear too.

Remember that it’s your job to cultivate an interest in the house by doing everything in your power to make it looks its best.

Don’t, and it’s like leaving money on the table. Minor flaws will be noticed by prospective buyers and might be enough to dissuade them from making an offer.

It goes without saying how detrimental that is to your bid to sell a house fast.

Spending some money on necessary repairs will facilitate the sale like nothing else.

5. Paint the Walls

A little can go a long way.

You’d be surprised at how beneficial it can be to give your walls a fresh lick of paint. Suddenly, your home’s interior is given a new lease of life; you save the new homeowner a job and create an atmosphere of freshness and light in the process.

Even better, it costs an absolute pittance!

Just be sure to paint in neutral colors.

Neutrality helps the property appeal to a wider audience. Simply, fewer people will be as interested in bright orange walls as off-white ones. Appealing to a larger audience is an obvious boon to your sales attempts.

6. Lay Out the Furniture Properly

The layout of the furniture in a well-staged house will do two things:

  1. Show off the floor space available, and
  2. Funnel prospective buyers through a pre-established route around the property.

Ultimately, you’re attempting to showcase the highlights of your house.

Alas, misplaced furnishings can do the total opposite. They can get in the way, obstruct a natural pathway through the home, and distract attention away from the good stuff!

Look at each room to ascertain the best arrangement possible. Likewise, keep in mind that your preferences could differ from that of the majority. Think about how other people might prefer to see each room organized.

7. Remove Personal Touches

Staged homes should lack personal touches.

Fridge magnets, family portraits, obscure artworks, and so on should all be taken down.

It comes back to neutrality. Removing idiosyncratic touches from your home will help others imagine themselves living in it, which is a big deal in attracting interest.

Doing so is far harder for prospective buyers when you’ve still got your proverbial stamp on it.

Constant reminders of the current owners make it difficult to picture alternative living conditions. Buyers feel more like they’re looking around someone else’s home, as opposed to one they can foresee living in.

Exactly How to Stage a Home for Sale

Selling a house quickly is far easier when you know how to stage a home for sale properly.

Hopefully, this post has revealed exactly how to do it!

Are you looking to sell fast in Boise, Idaho? We can help. Contact us today to find out more.

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