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5 Ways Hybrid Real Estate Agents Are Helping Home Sellers in Boise

It only makes sense to explore all of your options before you sell what may be your most valuable asset, your Boise home. Just as hybrid vehicles combine two previously separate driving forces into one engine, working together and establishing a more efficient way to travel, hybrid real estate agents offer a more efficient way … Continued

The Pros and Cons of Selling Your House Directly in Boise

Listing your home for sale isn’t always the best choice, especially if your property isn’t well matched to the demands of the traditional real estate market. Unfortunately, if you have done any research, you have probably learned you won’t save yourself any time or money by listing on your own as it rarely works out … Continued

What Investors Need to Know About Buying Mobile Homes in Boise

Mobile homes in Boise offer new investors a low-level entry into building long-term wealth while earning a monthly income stream. Property rental rates also tend to keep pace with inflation, protecting investors from increases in the cost of living, meaning you can rest assured you will be enjoying your retirement in style. For investors with … Continued

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Investing in Boise Mobile Homes

Manufactured housing, more typically known as mobile homes, offers a fantastic opportunity for savvy investors who think outside the single-family home box. Within the mobile home sector, there are several sub-sectors with essential distinctions, such as 55 and over communities, family parks and less restricted subdivisions with individual properties on public roads. Real estate investors … Continued

Does FSBO Really Work When Selling a House in Boise

Jumping into unknown waters is risky, and when considering the best way to sell your house, there are potentially tens of thousands of dollars on the line. Representing yourself in selling your home in the Boise traditional real estate market places tremendous pressure on homeowners to perform to the level of professionals with years of … Continued